Distribution Checker Build Instructions

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This document has instructions on how to build the source for the Distribution Checker.



  • bzr is installed, 0.13 or better
  • build tools are installed (make, lsbcc)
  • lsb dynamic linker is in place (/%_lib/ld-lsb-%_arch.so.3)
  • rpmbuild is installed
  • wget is installed. Type 'export http_proxy=<host&gt:<port>' if you want a HTTP proxy to be used for downloading.
  • all build work is done as a "normal" user, not root

Building Steps

Checkout a branch from Bazaar-NG

An initial branch will take some minutes to complete:

$> bzr branch http://bzr.linuxfoundation.org/unofficial/dist-checker dist-checker

or if you have an existing branch:

$> cd dist-checker
$> bzr pull

Building the tarball and package

To build Distribution Checker for LSB (both tarball and package) use a plain "make". For Moblin additionally set BRANCH=moblin. Makefile accepts the environment variable BZRTREES to pull from your local branch to build the tarball, rather than the remote branch. During the packaging process some data files will be additionally downloaded ('Manifest' and 'problem_db').

$> cd dist-checker/package
$> make clean
[$> export BRANCH=moblin  # for Moblin build]
$> BZRTREES=../.. make

You should find something like this at the end of the build:



You could build tarball and packages through two separate steps:

Build source tarball

$> cd dist-checker/package
$> make clean
$> BZRTREES=../.. make tarball

Build rpm package

$> make rpm_package

If your compiler fails with the message 'unrecognized command line option "-fno-stack-protector"', delete or comment out the line 'export CFLAGS=-fno-stack-protector' in the file 'dist-checker.spec.sed' and try again.

If you find issues in following the above procedure, please feel free to email to linux_at_ispras.ru.

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