Distribution Checker Release Notes

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Version *.1.9

  • New problem_db format.
  • Added support for warnings on the preliminary check stage.
  • Added integration module for sigchk test.
  • Additional startup checks.
  • Speed up working with Manifest file.
  • Fixed downloading behaviour when error 404 is returned.
  • Added option for batch downloading. It is enabled by default for 'snapshot' run.
  • Other internal fixes and improvements.

Version *.1.8

  • Completed the feature of running locally installed tests of custom versions.
  • Added integration with Functions Signature Checker tests.
  • Fixed usage of alien: better checks and error reporting (bug #6454).
  • Fixed AJAX aborting: in some browsers is caused strange error messages.
  • Added automatic scrolling of the page to the error message.
  • Other minor bugfixes.

Version *.1.7

  • Fixed bug #6131.
  • Fixed file size checking when download files.
  • Improved server daemonization.
  • Added integration for xml2-azov tests.
  • Minor improvements in error messages.

Version *.1.6

  • Improved algorithm of packages download and install (related to bug #5673).
  • Added summary table in report (bug #5609).
  • Fixed some deadlock issues (bug #5092).
  • Removed check for 'hpijs' (bug #5770).
  • Added integration module for Moblin Desktop test automated part.
  • Added visual notification when checking setup before running tests (related to bug #5653).
  • Indicate that tests stopped with changing of log text color.
  • Fixed storing the progress table position.
  • Fix for hyperlinks in test messages in report (mostly for OLVER reports).
  • Multiple fixes in the Apache test integration module.
  • Other minor bugfixes and improvements.

Version *.1.5

  • Added support for moblin-test-bickley and moblin-test-clutter.
  • Improved checks for required libs and tools (related to bug #5593).
  • Installation script was improved (bug #5558).
  • Automatically download Manifest file at the first run (in console mode) (bug #5559).
  • Automated Raptor app-battery test (bug #5674).
  • Fixed preparation step for Xpdf app-battery test (bug #5679).
  • Corrected tarball versions for Tcl and Raptor tests (bug #5124).
  • Switched to stable LSB 4.0 app-battery packages (instead of snapshots) (#5124).
  • A few other minor fixes and improvements.

Version *.1.4

  • In this version each FIP case in report includes a simple form for manual resolution: user should choose 'pass' or 'fail' for each FIP case. Additionally, it is possible to leave a comment for each FIP if needed.
  • Fixed check for required perl modules for Perl and OLVER tests (bug #5392).
  • Reorganized test categories (bug #5409).
  • Increased download timeout to 3 minutes (bug #5532).
  • Fixed the “Some interfaces check failed in LibCheck ME” (bug #5100).
  • A few other minor fixes and improvements.

Version *.1.3

This is a bugfix release.

  • Eventually fixed the bug with using fonts provided by the 'lsb-xvfb' package (bug #5127).
  • Fixed “nobody” issue with Apache Tests and Rsync Tests (bug #5120).
  • Fixed the bug when installation error was ignored for manual tests (bug #5104).
  • Fixed freezes on subshell logout (bug #5081).
  • Fixed preliminary checks before starting tests.
  • Fixed the problem when not all jounals of the Desktop tests were picked up.
  • Added the check for essential perl modules before starting OLVER and Perl tests.
  • Added hints for icons at the "Test Execution" page (bug #5080).
  • Added "(manual report)" tag for manual test reports. (bug #4467, bug #2704).
  • Added more usefull debug output to the error message 'No tests to run'.
  • Added option --ignore-check.

Version *.1.2

  1. Renamed "DTK Manager" to "Distribution Checker".
  2. One code base is now used to build both LSB Distribution Checker and Moblin Distribution Checker.
    • Enabled LSB tests for Moblin standard.
    • Deployed Distribution Checker's server-side infrastructure at compliance.moblin.org.
    • Internal Web-server now allows running several instances (for simultaneous work with LSB and Moblin DistCheckers).
  3. Improved manual tests:
    • Added possibility to skip any manual test.
    • Now it is possible to mark manual test steps as optional.
    • Implemented a better way of shipping additional data files used to carry out manual tests.
  4. Improved utilities:
    • Introduced an utlity that helps setting up and maintaining a mirror of the file server with test packages.
    • Integrated standalone (php) result viewer with the report comparison tool.
    • Faster report rebuilding.
  5. Internal improvements:
    • Now it is possible to check the exit code of the test process, which allows to provide more helpful details on test failure. (related to bug #2703).
    • Multiple improvements in reporting errors.
    • Improved the mechanism of test termination on signal.
  6. Various bugfixes:
    • Fixed broken row highlighting in test report comparison tables.
    • Fixed the bug with checking X11 fonts before installing the lsb-xvfb package which provides these fonts.
    • Fixed bug #2648 and several other bugs in the report HTML code.
    • Other minor bugfixes.
  7. Documentation:
    • Wrote manual on organizing scheduled runs and setting up a mirror server.
    • Full description of Manifest file syntax and structure.
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