LSB Certification System

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LSB Certification System is a web-system to support LSB certification process. It guides people certifying their products through the process of certification and keeps records for certified products.



LSB Certification System includes three major parts:

  • Certification Management provides step-by-step instructions on what to do and enables easy status tracking and collaboration with LF staff during the certification process for companies and individuals who want to certify their Linux distributions or applications against LSB.
  • Product Directory is a public part of the Certification System that contains the current list of LSB-certified Linux distributions and applications with various views and groupings.
  • Problem Reporting is for online collaboration on solving problems arising in the process of certification (not implemented yet). It will also provide a knowledge base of various issues and solutions.

Note: there is Administration Mode that allows managing the certification system and carrying out certification process from the LF side with full rights on administering all the data.


The list of Certification System releases with release notes is available here.

Getting Started

Please, read the LSB Certification System Introduction.

Technical Documentation

LSB Certification System Design Proposal

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