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Welcome to LSB Infrastructure Project

This site is dedicated to the LSB Infrastructure Program that was run under a contract between The Linux Foundation and ISPRAS in 2006-2010. Most of the project team was from the ISPRAS Linux Verification Center - Ian Murdok (LF CTO in 2006) said in his blog:

We're embarking on an exciting new project in partnership with the Institute for System Programming at the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISPRAS) to build the next generation LSB database and test suite infrastructure. The new system will interlink the various moving parts that make up the Linux platform to an unprecedented degree, providing upstream developers and distribution vendors a powerful set of tools for coordinating their work and improving the quality of the platform, as well as giving ISVs a more efficient way to provide feedback to both parties. This is a key tool for enabling the backward compatibility guarantee, and it will also vastly improve the coverage and quality of the LSB tests ....

Now the results are maintained by the Linux Foundation and LSB community, inlcuding the former members of the ISPRAS team.

More details about the project....

LSB Informational Systems
LSB Testing
Current Versions

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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