Operating Systems Compatibility

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This tutorial describes how to test operating systems for binary compatibility using the ABI Compliance Checker tool. The tool is able to find all C/C++ libraries and appropriate header files in system directories, create dump of system ABI (API + compiler ABI) including ABIs of all found libraries and then compare dumps created on different operating systems to produce the HTML report containing detailed comparison results.

See current test results for Symbian, Windows, MeeGo and Maemo on this page.


Setting Up Environment

The first step is to setup development environment on target operating systems:

  • Install G++, Perl, Binutils, Ctags and File utility
  • Install all "devel" packages or SDK.

Apt-based OS (Ubuntu, Debian, Maemo)

   apt-get update 

   apt-cache search "\-dev"|awk '{print $1;}'>install.txt 

   for i in `cat install.txt`;do sudo apt-get --force-yes -y install $i;done 

   sudo apt-get install gcc perl binutils file ctags 

Zypper-based OS (Fedora, openSUSE, MeeGo)

   zypper search -u dev|awk '{print $2;}'|grep "dev">install.txt 

   for i in `cat install.txt`;do sudo zypper -n install $i;done 

   sudo zypper install gcc-c++ perl binutils file ctags 

Urpmi-based OS (Mandriva, ROSA, Mageia)

   urpmq|grep "\-devel">install.txt 

   for i in `cat install.txt`;do sudo urpmi --auto --force $i;done 

   sudo urpmi install gcc-c++ perl binutils file ctags 

Apk-based OS (Alpine Linux)

   apk update 

   apk search|grep "\-dev\-"|sed s/-dev-.*$/-dev/>install.txt 

   for i in `cat install.txt`;do sudo apk add $i;done 

   sudo apk add perl 

Other Systems (Symbian, Windows)

Download and install the SDK.

Dumping System ABI

The next step is to create an XML-descriptor of target OS.

Then enter to the target operating system and dump the system ABI using the following command:
   abi-compliance-checker -dump-system <descriptor.xml> 

If you want to analyze libraries from /usr/include and /usr/lib, then you may use the following short command instead:
   abi-compliance-checker -dump-system <name> -sysroot / 

The system ABI dump will be generated to:

Repeat this step for other operating system or other version of the same system if you want to check backward compatibility.

Compare ABI Dumps

The last step is to compare ABI dumps of two operating systems:
   abi-compliance-checker -cmp-systems -d1 sys_dumps/<name1>/<arch> -d2 sys_dumps/<name2>/<arch> 

The compatibility report will be generated to:


See examples for Maemo, MeeGo and Symbian operating systems on this page.

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