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AppChecker Structure

Linux Application Checker consists of the following components (see links to sources at the bottom):

  • User Interface and Control Scripts:
    • webui/* - an embedded simple web server and user interface pages (Perl files).
    • bin/, bin/ - start and stop scripts.
    • config/app-checker-server.conf.default - sample configuration file (copy to config/app-checker-server.conf to customize).
    • utils/, utils/ - internal scripts for running the test sequence.
    • utils/ - script for getting pre/post-(un)install scripts from RPM/DEB packages.
    • utils/ - script for uploading test results to the Linux Foundation server.
    • utils/ - journal parser and HTML report generator.
  • Low-level Analysis Tools:
    • utils/, utils/, utils/, utils/, utils/known_commands, utils/interpreted languages/* - data collection and preliminary processing.
    • utils/, utils/ - compatibility analysis (based on the intermediate results produced by the scripts from the previous point).
  • LSB Database Snapshots:
    • utils/*_<arch> - snapshot data.
    • utils/ - module used for online updating.
  • LSB Checkers:
    • bin/lsbappchk - LSB tests for ELF binaries.
    • bin/lsbpkgchk - LSB tests for RPM packages.
    • bin/ - LSB tests for Perl scripts.
      • share/appchk/ - Perl script parser for getting module dependencies.
      • share/appchk/lsb-perl-modules.list - list of LSB standardized Perl modules.
    • bin/ - LSB tests for Python scripts.
      • share/appchk/ - module for generating TET report journals.
      • share/, share/, share/, share/ - additional modules used for parsing.
      • share/lsb-python-modules.list - list of LSB standardized Python modules.
    • bin/ - LSB tests for Shell scripts.
      • share/appchk/ - Shell language parser.
      • share/appchk/List/ - additional module used by the parser.
      • share/appchk/sh-cmdlist-* - lists of LSB standardized Shell commands.
    • share/appchk/* - data files for LSB checkers.

Source Files

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