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  • LSB DB Updates - change history of ISP RAS updates of the LSB database with links to the source code.
  • LSB DB Schema - the schema of the LSB DB from Bazaar 'devel' branch.
  • Spec Database Usage - a page describing how to obtain and setup the LSB DB.
  • LSB DB Tools - scripts that deal with the LSB database data and generate LSB deliverables like specification, headers and various tools.
  • LSB Navigator - a web system for developers and LSB Workgroup members built upon the LSB DB.
  • Application and Distribution Data - 'community' part of the database contains data about distribution contents and interfaces used by applications.
  • LSB Versions Support in the Database - since the update 0.4, DB schema supports LSB version history information for all the LSB artifacts. All the scripts can generate target files for a given LSB version.
  • LSB DB and PostgreSQL - some notes about how one can (try) to use PostgreSQL to manage the LSB Database.
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